Bologna, a whirlwind visit

About a month ago, I got an invitation to visit a ceramic manufacture and its showrooms - as an architect - that happened to be near Bologna. Right now I forgot the name of this charming village - sorry! - but here is a glance on it. Very warm and authentic.

"Ce n'est pas du Sable" - on stage

From the dance performance "Ce n'est pas du sable, mais on ne le saura qu'après" by the dance company Transe-en-Danse.
It was amazing; intense emotions, incredible dancers, deep story.

I had the chance to contribute in this project, first for the scenography, then as a photographer. I couldn't keep following with them all the way for the first part (for planning and timing reasons), but I was glad to be able to capture the beauty of this creation - both on stage and on the Italian beach, where they made all their initial dancing experiments.

You can check the full description of the project here :

Slices of Brussels

In this series of photos, I try to give a different vision of Brussels to those who know the city, or to those who want to discover it. We always see the same pictures of the city, so I hope you'll enjoy it from this angle !

Wandering between leaves and sun

I enjoyed stopping by the forest -Forêt de Soignes- the past few sunny days, before sunset. I was literally hunting for small light spots that were bringing a few leaves to life. It's really amazing how one sun ray can transform a leaf into a vivid living nature.

Pétales de la Rose Parisienne

Just one afternoon in Paris ... After years of living in Brussels, I had to take a little moment to make at least a short visit through the lens.

Prague - A Travel in Time

Dômes et tours anciennes émergent dans la ville, comme de charismatiques sapins, dans un paysage de lumières.

Une architecture polygame épousant Baroque, Gothique, Roman, Renaissance, Cubisme, dessine les mémoires jamais oubliées de la capitale.

Des collines arborées soulèvent fièrement le patrimoine et le rapprochent des nuages.

Un fleuve scintillant, coule avec sagesse dans la ville comme le son des violoncelles dans une apaisante symphonie.

Luxembourg District - 1st visit

I got up that morning and it seemed to be a lovely sunny day. So I decided to go to Luxembourg district in Brussels for a photoshoot an architectural firm asked me for. Just happened that by the time I got there, the sky got all covered by some dramatic clouds, so I had to work with that. Anyway, I think it brought some interesting shots.

Residence & Artist Workshop

This residence & artist workshop in Ixelles, by architect Charlie Malou, was made for an artist Carole *****. She's a sculptor, and creates all of her defying-gravity-artwork from bird feathers. It is quite unusual and impressive.