Photography coaching via Skype

The essence of my teachings is about giving you the tools to QUIT THE AMATEUR ZONE and reach the point where the results MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your eyes and the eyes of others.

I teach you the basics and the conventional practices, as well as KEY CONCEPTS for your CREATIVITY and for your PHOTOGRAPHIC APPROACH that are based on my personal experience and that I have synthesized in a comprehensive manner.

You would be able to ...

  • Exploit your creativity at its best by developing the right mindset

  • Express your intentions in a clearer, more poetic and impacting way by using all the secrets of post-production

  • Learn and use the n° 1 best trick that unlocks your composition skills

  • Receive a constructive critique on your photos or portfolio

  • I'll edit one of your own photos and you'll be able to follow the whole process step by step

  • The "manual" mode won't be a mystery to you anymore and you'll play with ease with the different parameters of your camera


35 €/hour



You can easily send me a quick message using the form, or use my contact info :

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MOBILE |   0032 498 70 44 99